Wednesday, 13 May 2015

How to Avoid a Computer Crash Disaster

Are you really confident that your computer backup strategy is supplying the results that you would like? Simply because you've got a backup system in place does not mean it is automatically set up to save everything you need backed up. We have all heard many times you have to back up your computer files in a number of areas and regularly. Which is certainly a best business practice. 

However, as frequently is that you need to assess the information after the copy to make sure what you do not hear you've all the files you desire to have backed up. My Story - What I Did Wrong I really thought I was doing all the right things. I got a cloud back-up service which backs up daily behind the scenes, and I also back up frequently to an external hard disk. Afterward my computer hard drive crashed. It is never an issue of if, incidentally, itis a matter of when it's going to crash! 

Since I hadn't needed to get my backup files before the crash, I never checked to see what was really in the back-ups. As it turned out, everything was not getting like I believed it was backed up. I hadn't checked with my cloud service to make sure I had it set up properly, nor had I assessed the copies I was saving to my external hard drive to make sure files were being included right. Some of my files got backed up but not all.

Fortunately, my computer tech man managed to restore my files. But of course, there's still the stress I 'd before and during the time he was working on my computer, in addition to the additional price that I wouldn't have had to incur if I 'd done my back-ups right. What I Did Right Using a web-based email service is one thing I was doing right (and obviously continue to do) that helped me get back a few of my files. I could readily recall files I'd sent to ones or individuals they sent to me. That enabled me to continue work that I mightn't have really been able to otherwise.

It turned out to be pressure reducer and a tremendous time saver since I did not have to recreate the files from scratch! The other thing I did was to work with a virtual helper. I was sending her files to work on that I 'd have just had on my computer (and likely would have lost) had I not been working with her. But because I was, I had them in my Sent folder that is e-mail.

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